INdT Games for Chinook

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the Chinook version of the world famous, very funny to play, and time devourer INdT games[1]. The games are:

The packages are in the Maemo Extras repository, and can be downloaded in the pages pointed by the links above. In Extras also lies the indtgames meta-package, which will install all games when installed, for it has dependencies on all of them. Some of them depend also in libsdl-net, that can be found also on Extras.

Past versions used maemo-games-startup and maemo-games-startup-mp (mp == multiplayer, for some of the games), with the 4.0 version of Maemo, Nokia introduced osso-games-startup, and the indtgames were ported for this. Unfortunately osso-games-startup doesn’t include the multiplayer features and they have to be disabled for this released to be done in time, but it’s planed to get it back in the future.

Screenshots from two of my favourites:

CrazyParking LxDoom
CrazyParking and LxDoom

I wish I have tested all of them from beginning to end, just to make sure the level of fun is well regulated, but I couldn’t let my other duties waiting. So, please, download and play it all for me.

[1] INdT stands for Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia.

3 pensamentos sobre “INdT Games for Chinook

  1. IIRC, osso-games-startup is quite ancient and tricky to deal with, so we started the maemo-games-startup which was meant to replace the former. When I ported the maemo-games-startup from OS2005 to OS2006, I sent the patches for it to the maintainers but it seems they were never integrated upstream.

    I still have a looooooonnnng ToDo list, and one of the items was actually port the games to chinook. Thank you for doing it yourself.

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