Maemo SDK Appliance, release 0.2

Time for a new release of the Maemo SDK Appliance. And now it comes with Chinook! See the release notes:

This version features the Maemo 4.0 (Chinook) Beta environment, along with Vala compiler and its Hildon bindings, and some samples (in C and Vala).

Yes! It is true, we at INdT are atrociously bleeding edge! We have installed Vala compilers for i386 and armel targets, and some examples also. Look at the sweetness:

using GLib;
using Gtk;
using Hildon;
public class Example1 : Hildon.Window
[Widget] protected Label label1;
[Widget] protected Button button1;
construct {
label1 = new Label("Don't press the button!");
button1 = new Button.from_stock("gtk-no");
button1.set_size_request(-1, 100);
button1.clicked += btn => {
label1.label = "I told you not to press the button!";

Watch the movie:

And download the torrent from PirateBay (yarrr!).

Almost forgot, we have a mailing list: maemovmware-users