Maemo SDK Appliance, release 0.4 “Not So Fat”

Finally the new version of the appliance, and it is “Not So Fat” as we expected, since it is loaded of good stuff. See the Release Notes:

This release is loaded with a lot of goodies: Maemo 4.0 (Chinook) final and Maemo 3.2 (Bora) with Nokia Binaries Installer, PyMaemo packages, Vala compiler and its Hildon bindings for Chinook, Maemomm libraries, EVAS (Bora and Chinook, but i386 only), qemu-arm-eabi used as default cpu transparency method, Eclipse with ESbox plugin, and Firefox has now a lot of bookmarks for reference material. There are code samples for all the libraries and development packages cited above.

Checkout the ChangeLog entry:

* Scratchbox installed from official Debian Repository.
* Maemo 4.0 (Chinook) release.
* Maemo 3.2 (Bora) (the last release was using 3.1)
* Use the qemu-arm-eabi as default cputransp method
* Nokia Binaries Installer for Chinook and Bora
* Added a lot of bookmarks in Firefox for reference material.
* Maemomm (C++ bindings) added, with
code samples.
* EVAS libraries added to Bora and Chinook i386 targets, along with code samples.
* Eclipse with CDT 4.0.1 and ESbox 1.2.0 plugins.

Watch a screencast on Google Video (YouTube doesn’t like Ogg/Theora, and I’m feeling very lazy to bother converting) with a sample session of using Eclipse with the ESbox plugin to create a Maemo project. For a higher resolution version, download the ogg.)

Download torrent from PirateBay (prefer this way; yarrr!):

Or direct download in two parts:

You will need 7zip to unpack the files.

Update: direct download link fixed. Thanks tabrez. 🙂

11 pensamentos sobre “Maemo SDK Appliance, release 0.4 “Not So Fat”

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  2. My torrent download came up to 19% and got stuck there. I tried using the direct HTTP links but they are returning 404 error. I am too eager to try it out, is it possible to fix the HTTP links? Or should I just stick to the torrent download(only seems to have 100% of the file)?


  3. Hmmm.

    I’ve tried the HTTP version, and the torrent version, but I get a “data error” from 7zip trying to decompress either. I’ve tried in on two machines as well (one windows, one linux)!

    What could be wrong!?

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